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Forex Gold Investor

FOREX GOLD INVESTOR Is The Preferred Trading System for Serious Precious Metal Investors. The Most Advanced EA We've Ever Designed, Guaranteed to Scientifically Extract Profits From the Gold...
Shareware | $ 247.00

Stock Share Price Analysis

Stock Share Price Analysis is a Google Sheets Add-on with automatic stock share price fair value calculations, trend analysis and high/low triggers to identify value buy sell trade points....
Shareware | $ 55.00

Aeron Scalper

Aeron Scalper + Grid Forex trading robot uses Grid trading strategy as well Scalping trading strategy. It is very safe Forex expert advsior. You can just set it and forget it. It will do safe...
Shareware | $ 149.00

Volatility Factor 2.0

Volatility Factor 2.0 is developed from the createros of the most popular forex robot WallStreet Forex Robot. Volatility Factor 2.0 is a very flexible forex robot which can be adapted...
Shareware | $ 287.00


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EAs Happy Forex Full Packs (9x EAs)

Happy Forex system is characterized by stable profits and low drawdown. One of its advantages is that it uses reinsurance positions (grid strategy) without increasing of lots (no martingale)....
Shareware | US$ 249.00 US$ 211.65 with 15% discount coupon


ForteFX EA for Crescendo's Customers

ForteFX EA for Crescendo's Customers http://www.pimpmyea.com/fortefx
Shareware | $ 74.99

Glossary of International Banking & Finance Acronyms and Abbreviations

The glossary (En/Fr/Ge/It/Sp>Ru) covers the expanding and influential field of forex (foreign exchange), treasury, money and capital markets, sovereign and corporate debt, financial futures...
Shareware | $ 19.95

Enterra Forex Star EA (Lite)

Wellcome the Financial market with new Forex Star from Enterra! New Enterra Forex Star EA can take all of your Forex trades and completely automate your ability to profit even while...
Shareware | $ 370.00


Globe7 is a tiny application integrated with Soft Phone, IM, Videos, Games, News and many more opt-in widgets like Live TV, Live Radio, Astrology, Forex, Movies, Pets, Recipes, Sports for your...
Freeware | Buy Now

EATree MT5

EATree MT5 EATree MT5 is the first drag and drop expert advisor builder for MetaTrader 5. Although MetaTrader 5’s powerful trading language MQL5 is very complex, EATree for...
Shareware | $ 197.00


Business & Finance Multilingual Dictionary

This dictionary contains an extensive vocabulary, covering a wide range of topics relating to business, - from office practice to stock market, and accounting, terminology in English, German,...
Shareware | $ 19.75

Multilingual Stock Exchange & Investment Dictionary

This Multilingual Dictionary of Stock Exchange & Investment Terms contains an extensive vocabulary, covering a wide range of topics relating to business - from office practice to stock...
Shareware | $ 22.27


MLDownloader downloads intraday, end of day and historical stock quotes, Options and Futures from various Internet sites. The program gives you the option of saving your data in MetaStock or...
Shareware | $ 67.59


Friscal is both a FOREX risk calculator as well as a useful toolkit for assisting you with your FOREX currency trading. Friscal has been designed to be used in conjunction with your trading...
Shareware | $ 25.00

MCFX Pro - monthly lease plan

MCFX is specifically designed for Forex strategy trading. We believe that such an efficient combination of the unparalleled simplicity of use with the advanced technical analysis and strategy...
Shareware | $ 199.00


Instant Profit Scalper

The newest scalping tool that capable of generating a never before seen scalping profit every 1 minute! This unique scalping tool was designed to be by far the most profitable predicting...
Shareware | $ 12.99

Ultimate Buy Sell Secret

A Brand New idea - Fantastic Forex Software that can predict the price of any currency with never before seen accuracy! With this recently discovered combination of forex secrets working...
Shareware | $ 12.99